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A Touch of Exotic On Your Doorstep

Imagine your next holiday: white sand; colourful, terracotta-tiled villas and dramatic ocean views – a Mediterranean paradise, right?

Well, not necessarily, because you need not leave the UK or leave a huge dent in your wallet to experience a Mediterranean holiday.

The UK is home to a number of amazing sightseeing spots that rival some of the most famous destinations abroad, and with the number of people staying in the UK for holidays set to increase in 2014, rediscovering them can only be a good thing.

So stop thinking that the grass is always greener and plan your next staycation. You’ll hardly notice the difference. Well, if you don’t take the temperature into account, that is.

Don’t believe us?

The gallery below will challenge your knowledge of the UK and your preconceptions – can you tell which of these places is exotic and which is here in the UK?


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