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Caravans versus Turtles: How caravans stole the idea to carry your home on your back

Ever wondered where caravans get their design inspiration from? View this slideshow of caravans and their turtle or snail equivalent in the natural world

Why do people love to caravan so much? Of course, there’s the freedom to travel wherever you want; the satisfaction of being mobile and self-sufficient; but ultimately, we think, it’s the joy of feeling like a turtle…

What else is a caravan but a giant armoured shell, providing shelter and security for the nomadic creature? Whether on or off-road, across land and sea, through sun and storm, a caravan always makes it through, just like any turtle or snail whose house goes where they go.

Don’t believe us? Check out the slideshow below to see exactly where caravans get there inspiration from!

Disclaimer: no turtles were harmed in the design and making of Cosford’s caravans

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