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Google Motorhome

As Google celebrated its 15th year approaching world domination, it’s a mighty fine time to take a look at some of the stranger projects that the tech giant has invested its time and almighty dollar in.

First there was Google’s self-driving car, then Google House and even Google Barge (which spawned an amusing Twitter parody @GoogleBarge). 


Google Motorhome


Whilst they’re all impressive endeavours to be sure, we at Cosford Caravans feel that the Google brainboxes have missed a trick: Google Motorhome (patent pending).

Think about it: technology starts big and then gets smaller, lighter and more mobile. Why muck about with Google House when you could have Google Motorhome? Exactly, glad we see eye-to-eye on this. 

So, in the spirit of caravanning fun, some of our more tech-savvy employees have put together a first draft of the suite of design features that Google Motorhome would employ to bring caravanning into the 21st century. 

1: TV

Let’s start with the obvious centrepiece of any home (mobile or otherwise) the Television. We imagine it’ll be one of those fancy 4K varieties, with resolution so good that you’ll have to have corrective eye surgery just to fully appreciate it. 

The real star of the show, however, will be its interconnectivity with your other Google devices. Beaming shows from your tablet to your TV is already a main selling point of Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD, and we imagine that this technology would be ubiquitous in Google Motorhome. Beaming videos and games onto any reflective surface would probably only come with the premium package, though.

2: GoogleBed

Although you’ll certainly be running the risk of Google placing ads into your brain as you sleep (like one particular episode of Futurama), the Google bed’s connectivity with your phone will be well worth the nighttime consumerist mind assault. 

Your phone will detect when it’s a certain proximity from the bed and turn itself on to silent mode as you sleep, making sure you remain undisturbed by annoying spam email alerts. You can mark certain numbers as “privileged”, so if you’re Mum’s calling to let you know Dad’s fallen down the well again then you’ll be sure to get the call. 

On the getting out of bed side of things, how about the kettle, shower, towel rack or coffee machine linked to your phone/tablet’s alarm? Hot water and caffeine without the ever so tedious 45 second waiting time - that’s the future.  

3 & 4: GoogleKitchen  

Google Fridge - “How could Google improve the fridge, really?” you might be thinking, “it’s pretty much as good as it’s going to get”. You may be right, but that doesn’t mean Google can’t cram it full of useless extra technology to alleviate any sense of mindfulness or personal responsibility.

How about alerts to your phone when food’s due to go off and suggestions on where to stock up or order online based on your GPS? Sour milk and past its prime foie gras will be a thing of the past. 

Maybe an app that identifies the ingredients in your fridge and suggests a recipe based on your provisions. If you’re out and about it can tell you what extras you’ll need before you return. 

Google Oven - Going to be back to Google Motorhome later than expected when you’ve got a casserole in the oven? No problemo. Turn off the oven via your phone, tablet or Google Glass. This will also work for warming up the oven, but you must be within a certain limited vicinity to turn the oven on (safety first, people).

5: The Master Tablet

 As technology gets increasingly sci-fi, the presence of a single, centralised control system will become the norm. How many science fiction baddies have been thwarted when the hero destroyed the one item that controlled the doomsday device? This is like that, but less evil. 

Whilst driving it’s your SatNav and Google View, showing you where restaurants, supermarkets and service stations are. Whilst parked it’ll control the thermostat, the blinds, the oven, the fridge and knowing Google, probably the loo roll holder too. 

6: Phone Control

How’s this for a neat idea: you can enter a code on your phone to wirelessly unlock the caravan if say, your loved one wants to get in but doesn’t have their keys. Just enter an authentication code to unlock the door and turn off the alarm. 

Also, if your master tablet should be lost or damaged just use your phone as a backup. 

7: Interactive Table Top

As much as the Internet has destroyed our love of classic forms of entertainment there’ll always be a place on a caravanning holiday for a good old-fashioned board game. But why actually bring a set and use real pieces? This interactive table can not only be used to surf the web but also provide hours of Monopoly-based entertainment. It can also double up as a handy place to rest objects if you’re not keen on holding them anymore. 



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