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How caravans can save humanity

Want to know how caravans can save us from a global catastrophe?

The future’s a scary place: full of unknown threats and existential risks that have the potential to wipe out humanity. Luckily we’re in the privileged position today of being aware of the majority of these risks and of having the knowledge and technology available to solve them.
One may not think of caravans as having the potential to solve a global crisis, but there are certainly a number of new models doing their bit to future-proof us against global warming, overpopulation, and the like.

Here is a list of some of the greatest threats we face as a population, and the caravans that will be there to save the day.

Global Warming

This threat seems to have gone off the media radar in recent times, but environment protection needs vigilant enforcement if we are to prevent an ecological disaster. These three eco-friendly caravan designs are helping to keep the world a cool place.

The Eco-Retro Camper Van

This VW Westfalia camper was conceptualised as an ‘intelligent’ vehicle, and has solar panels to power its on board accessories. It’s also equipped with a 4-speed automatic turbocharged bio-diesel hybrid drivetrain, meaning that when you aren’t running on electricity, you can power it through recycled veggie oil!


The ‘Colim’ Eco Caravan

Colim, short for ‘Colours Of Life In Motion’ and designed by Christian Susana, is a fuel-efficient caravan designed to safeguard against the encroaching effects of global warming. Its sleek design ensures an aerodynamic ride, and also features a detachable car which can be removed from the main body of the caravan. This assures energy isn’t wasted through pulling additional weight – an ingenious way to increase fuel-efficiency.


ForFreedom Concept Caravan

Features on this ForFreedom Caravan include fibre glass walls with closed cell insulation for home-like heating; internal electric heating; solar panels on the rear section; a 30L electric oven and grill; 50L water tank; 60L capacity fridge; and an adjustable canopy that creates a private lounge area with panoramic views.


In our modern times, space is becoming more and more scarce, and it’s undoubtable that one day many of us are going to have to make cut backs to our lifestyles. But the caravanning world already recognises the benefits of living small-scale. Just look at these innovative miniature caravans: 

The Capsule Caravan

The minimalistic Capsule Caravan is intended to appeal to the young, fashion-conscious traveller. It’s compact and light-weight enough to be towed by a small car, and can easily be parked or stored in a cramped urban environment. 


Teardrop Caravans

Teardrop caravans are a growing niche in the travel market. Although they're small and offer few amenities, they are incredibly light, comfortable, and easy to tow (even by a Mini). They also don’t cost the earth in terms of price. Pod caravans – the ‘original modern-retro micro-caravan’ – are one of the most stylish teardrop caravans available.


Megatsunamis and Rising Sea Levels

If the sea begins encroaching on our already heavily-populated land space, one solution may be to take to the water. The caravan industry are already on the ball with this one, developing several models that can be driven on both land and water.

The Thansadet Aquatic Caravan

This floating travel trailer by Gambo Design is built purely for practicality, instead of for speed or style. Combining the utility of a four-wheeled boat trailer with parts of a conventional cross-country airstream, the focus is on a liveable floating space that can accommodate a family of up to five. Be sure to have one in the garage should the big storm hit!


The Sealander

The Sealander is a lightweight fiberglass trailer that's half campervan, half electric boat. Its low weight saves fuel and allows for effortless manoeuvring when on the road. Whilst on the water, simply deploy the motor and drift away on your own personal island. The large windows and flexible open roof design mean the caravan has a bright, open-top feel to it, whilst the boat decking on the interior ensures the vehicle looks right at home on the water.


A Global Pandemic or Zombie Apocalypse

A terrifying prospect, and one that has provided inspiration for numerous sensational blockbusters, television series, and pop quizzes. But what if it happened in real life? You’d want the hardiest and best-equipped caravan on the market.

The Terra Cross ‘Home on Wheels’

Although this might look like a garbage truck, this UNICAT beast of a vehicle is actually a cross between an RV and an off-road vehicle. It comes fitted with everything you would ever need to wait out a global pandemic: beds, a bathroom, kitchen and storage space, as well as a solar power system, microwave oven, outside shower, and water filtration system. Built-in security features include double insulated thermal security glass and multiple bolt locking to protect against zombies.


The RV Chopper

Although you’re quite exposed on this vehicle, riding on this RV chopper you’ll look as badass as Daryl Dixon from ‘The Walking Dead’ (and he always seems to survive).


Not necessarily a life-threatening future trend, but one which the caravan industry is most definitely gearing itself towards. The caravanner of the future is likely to be style-conscious and tech-savvy, hence the conception of these new extravagant vehicles.

The Mehrzeller Multicellular Caravan

This Mehrzeller geometric caravan is built for mobile living, which the designers see as an important theme in our fast-moving age. Each caravan is tailor-made for the individual camper, meaning that your vehicle won’t get lost in the sea of future urban homogeneity.


The Caravasio

Citing declining caravan numbers in Europe, the German manufacturer Knaus Tabbert decided to create what he calls ‘the caravan of the future.’ The Caravisio design study draws its inspiration from the water as well as the future, pulling some yacht-like elements onto the streets.


The Kabe Royal Tower Caravan

Forget about that penthouse suite in the city, go for this two-story caravan! Its air conditioned, full-sized second story features a living area plus a walk out balcony, and is surely fit for any urban traveller. You can see a profile of the Royal Tower in Gizmag.


As you can see, caravans have a lot of bases covered when it comes to protecting us from global destruction. Let’s also hope that Google puts their motorhome design into construction soon.





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