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The best caravan and camping blog posts

After many years of being deeply entrenched in camping and caravanning culture, we here at Cosford Caravans thought it would be a nice idea to put the spotlight on some of the articles that have informed and entertained us over the years. Check out our pick of the best camping and caravanning articles available on the Web today.


In 2014 a particular style of holidaying is continuing to rise in popularity, the campsite and caravan getaway. In light of recent economic events, the UK’s increasingly warm summers and the British public’s new found fascination with post war vintage and “shabby chic” styling, this iconic British occupation has captured the imagination of a whole new generation of campers. So much so in fact that The National Caravan Council have reported that there are over 1 million leisure caravans in use in the UK today.

One of the beauties of camping is that it is an activity available to all; a non-expensive method of exploring the world around you that is often far more gratifying than nights cooped up in overpriced hotel rooms. The Great Britain Tourism Survey discovered that in 2012, UK residents went on 15.9m camping and caravanning trips domestically. To put this in context, this is in comparison to 9.8m Brits who took holidays in Spain (the UK’s top foreign holiday destination) during the same period.

With this surge in first time campers in mind, we here at Cosford Caravans have searched the length and breadth of the internet to find the best articles offering camping and caravanning inspiration for great outdoor newbies. We have split these articles into four categories, as follows.

  • Camping tips and hacks.
  • Articles about caravans, campers and motorhomes.
  • Articles about tents and camping.
  • Personal travel stories.

Hopefully one of the articles here will catch your eye and teach you something you didn’t know before. It might even encourage you to pack the tent poles, ground sheets and children into the car this summer for your first family holiday in the great British outdoors.

Camping Tips and Hacks

So called “life hacks” are one of the most consumed forms of content on the internet, and its easy to understand why as we all like to save a little bit of time, money and effort where we can. These “camping hacks” will show you all the hidden techniques you can use to get the most out of your families next outdoor holiday.

Top 10 Ultimate Glamping Essentials
Sarah Riley has a truly inspirational tale; having suffered a stroke in 2009 writing became her route to salvation. She makes a brilliant point on her site, saying “I believe that if something inspires you enough to make your head fizz and your heart pound then you should definitely share it and spread the love.”

Her website has a blog as well as a store where you can purchase vintage glamping equipment. This post covers everything you need to have a perfect glamping (posh camping) experience. It includes alternative glamping activities, camping cocktail recipes and tips on adding a touch of extravagance to your camping exploits with things like luxury bedding.

Ten Tips Reducing Stress During Family Vacations
This blog is by practicing clinical psychologist David Palmiter, perhaps making it the odd one out on this list (which is largely comprised of hobby blogs). However his tips for reducing stress during a family holiday are essential reading for all families planning a trip together.

David writes comprehensive paragraphs offering actionable suggestions which once followed will no doubt alleviate tension and ensure you have a worry free holiday. The guide covers simple things that you may not otherwise have thought of like avoiding rushing yourself off your feet, to more in depth activities like taking care to ask everyone what they want to do individually. This last point is particularly important when ensuring that your family holiday fulfils its main objective: to bring the family closer together.

How to Survivne Living in a Campervan...For a Year...With a Boy
This site is about “stylish yet affordable adventures.” Monica, who has been interviewed by the likes of Cosmopolitan magazine in the past, writes to show you how you can follow in her footsteps.

Her website offers reviews, photography and, of course, tonnes of excellent tips. She provides an honest account in this piece and makes excellent recommendations on what to pack, how to befriend those with a better van or tent than yours (especially the ones that have fridges full of cold beers) and, most importantly, to laugh at the bad times, especially the ones that involve emus, murderers and blistering hangovers.

Life on the Road: Our Traveling Home
Kristina Luna is a journalist and has been working as a professional travel writer for over a decade. She has visited over 80 countries and is a seasoned pro when it comes to exploring the planet. This article is about her temporary home in the form of a trailer which she was towing via a Chevy truck. The article is helpful as it covers not only the pros and cons of the trailer but also interesting details and tips about how she handled her dining and connectivity requirements.

Camping on a Budget
Simply Hike is a trusted and leading figure in the outdoor leisure market. It was launched in 2006 and since become a firm favourite of outdoor fanatics, making it a trustworthy source for advice on outdoor pursuits. This article is about camping economically, featuring cheap campsites, cooking whilst camping, extending the life of your tent, and how to source more room. This post is particularly useful because the suggestions for preserving your tent seem viable and useful. A well written blog, it captures the interest of readers, whist offering erudite information and road tested money savings advice..

12 Handy Hacks for Your Next camping Adventure
Not strictly a camping blog, but this infographic offers an excellent list of suggestions to really get the most out of your camping trips. With all the information divided into boxes, a camping novice could print out this sheet of tips and use it as a helpful reference during their adventures. Here is a preview of some of the superb recommendations:

If you add sage to your campfire it will keep ensure mosquitoes do not bother you, Tic Tac boxes can be used as a novel method of storing your cooking spices and coating the bottoms of your pans and pots before cooking on an open fire will allow for a much easier washing up session afterwards. WonderHowTo is a global community providing how-to videos and articles in 35 categories.

Free Camping for Motorhomes in the UK
Barry and Margret Williamson have been travelling the world for years using several methods of transportation, or as they put it: “anything that moves!” They took an early retirement and decided to embark on a journey which would see them live as full time travellers. The have now been on been on several round the world trips which make their experiences exciting to read about endear yourself to.

This post contains a meticulously detailed list of locations which offer free parking for campervans and caravans. It offers co-ordinates of free parking spots across Britain, giving a short description of the spot and the fees they entail. A truly remarkable list which must have taken weeks to put together, it can easily be considered an overnight parking bible for motorhomes and is one of the most useful resources you will find in this whole post.

Wheels and how to change them
A tire expert imparts valuable technical knowledge, making use of diagrams and images to emphasise his points. Roger Marble has 40 years of experience in the tire industry and seems like the first person you should consult if you are experiencing any difficulties whatsoever with your tires. In this article he explains how to change the tire of a motorhome, including diagrams which can be enlarged for easy viewing. Roger’s blog is a masterpiece for information on wheels, and will answer most if not all the questions you may have regarding your caravan’s or motorhome’s tires.

9 Sugru hacks for courageous campers
Sugru is a self-setting rubber that can be formed by hand, it has the ability to bond to most things and once it has been cured it can withstand extreme environments. Jane Ní Dhulchaointigh masterminded this innovative creation during her time studying at Royal College of Art.

This article shows different uses for Sugru to improve your camping experience. It can be used for fixing leaking leather boots that have seen better days, softening up tent pegs to allow for easier manoeuvring when pushing it into the floor and most conveniently fixing broken zips. This is an interesting product which may ward off any evils that threaten to ruin your camping trip, and we never leave the house without a lump.

Motorhomes, Caravans and Campervans

These articles focus exclusively on our bread and butter, caravans and motorhomes. From free caravan sites all over the UK to beginners guides on buying your first motorhome, if traveling with your home in tow is your idea of the perfect getaway then be sure to check out some of the articles below.

Boondocking: Camping For Free in your RV
Possum living means living self sufficiently, and Tracy writes fascinating articles about simple living and personal freedom. Her blog began in 2007 and has been informing the masses for years since then.

This article is about how to camp for free at picturesque locations, she also lists a series of places you can park at for little to nothing, such as flea markets, art festivals and even gun shows. Moreover the article is a comprehensive guide for those who are seriously considering trying their hand at boondocking. It is a unique way of life and Tracy writes a succinct piece that both informs and inspires.

Starting With a Campervan
This website is for those who want to enjoy the journey, with a Lao Tzu quote “A good traveller has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.” it captures the essence of what travelling used to be, before we became focused on reaching our destination as quickly and painless as possible. The website’s ethos is about experiencing a more natural side of travelling and this article describes getting a campervan is the best way to travel at a slow pace whilst exploring hidden locations. It goes on to mention the need to be prepared, know briefly about the mechanics of your campervan and how to reduce the risks when travelling in a campervan.

RV Rental for Beginners
This website was founded by Jamie Pearson after a tragically comical incident occurred in a Belgian hotel. Her posts are mostly on the subject of traveling with kids, sharing stories from her own personal travel experiences in the hope that others will learn from her successes and failures.

This article is about those who are new to the RV industry, yet want to try their hands at this form of travelling. The layout of the article is appealing (concise yet informative) and describes the best bits about renting an RV or motorhome, a few tips for those looking to do the same thing and, finally, where to rent the best RVs from if you live in America.

Motorhome Basics for Beginners
This website chronicles the adventures of an America family of 5, who abandoned the rat race and now work as digital nomads whilst home schooling their kids. Their writings cover tips about schooling, travelling and lodging for those who are living a location independent lifestyle.

This article breaks down the basic operations of a motorhome, describing how easy they found it was to drive as first motorhome drivers, the basics of using the electricity and gas facilities, how the water tanks work and a general summary of how they coped as motorhome “. This article is particularly valuable as the author is writing about he experiences with tit the first time, therefore there is no complex technical jargon to comprehend with, instead it is a simple yet educational piece.

Why we Decided to Road Trip Across Europe in a Self-Built Campervan
BootsnAll is a global community with over 100,000 members and a staggering 15,000+ travel articles to inspire their readers. They believe the best way to gain an education is by travelling and they want to facilitate this for as many people as possible. Hence why they feature articles by people like Emma and Andy, who had grown weary when it felt like they were reliving Groundhog Day and they needed a change.

Emma talks about the frustration of the daily grind and how your soul feels like it is slowly departing from you. She goes on to say how her boyfriend planned out a trip across Europe in a van and she “didn’t question the decision because nothing had felt so right in a long time.” Her final sentence glows with hope, and goes to show how we do not have to remain a trapped victim of habit and circumstances, a must read for those looking for some inspiration before their next adventure.

Campervans on Small Scottish Islands - Beyond the Pale?
Aided by a campervan named Lydia, this blogger explores the lesser known nooks and crannies of Scotland. With scenery and landscape of unparalleled beauty, Scotland seems like an idyllic place for indulging in outdoor activities like kayaking, cycling or camping.

This article talks about ways of allowing responsible campers access to precious areas, such as a small island called Colonsay in Scotland, without penalising them because a minority have lacked in etiquette and previous littered the area. This is an interesting piece as is it is neutral and considers both sides of the topic, simply stating that there are solutions which allow for responsible camping. Check this out if you want to make sure you are behaving as environmentally responsible as possible before your next trip.

7 Caravan related Internet scam you should know about
Josh Garrod’s family own a caravan dealership where he has worked for most of his life. Having noticed an increase in the number of people interested in purchasing caravans he created a website for first time buyers and users to help them with their new adventure. Josh’s blog has a particularly appealing glossary which will be a great resource for caravan users who love their vehicle, but aren’t quite “down” with the caravan lingo.

In this article he writes about various online scams afflicted on caravan users or those looking to buy caravans. These scams aim to gather your personal billing details or simply take your cash in return for goods and services that don’t exist. He offers great tips for avoiding these scams and advice on what to do if you do fall victim. An extremely important article and a must read for anyone contemplating buying or selling a caravan.

Backing Up
This post is about what made the writer consider buying a van. She talks about her own inspiration, what drives her to live the way she does and the successes she has had along the way. Despite only containing four short stories, this site really gives readers a sense of the nervous excitement felt before heading off on a long camping trip.

Mentioned in the article is the surprising number of people who she encountered who also lived out of a camper and how they all had one thing in common: “More time for discovering their families and being able to indulge in hobbies and activities that they never would have had time for living a traditional lifestyle.”

This is an attractive piece and one which will resonate with anyone who has ever considered packing it all in and living the motorhome and caravan lifestyle full time.

2011-2012 Route and Van Information
This blog is by a lovely couple who humbly began it for their family and friends to let them know of their adventures and whereabouts. It didn’t take long for the wider web to show an interest however, and they now use their once personal platform to offer excellent tips as well as lovely travel tales.

They have a new section called ‘Essential Guide’ which includes information on internet access, navigation and motorhome navigation. However, this article is about a route they took around Europe on during a 12 month trip. It contains the overview of their journey, camping strategy, van choice, and the cost. Compact yet enlightening paragraphs depict their trip and make this a must read for anyone planning a route for their own European adventure.

Five Top Caravan Holiday Destinations
Bethany is a wife, mother and the self-styled “blogger in chief” at Flashpacker Family, a family travel blog. Besides coining the term flashpacker (one whom maintains the mentality of a backpacker but allows themselves access to life’s little luxuries, think glamping), she has grown a responsive audience around her blog thanks to her regular advice features and the interesting use of custom imagery on the site.

This article lives up to the high standard of quality set by the rest of the site, and is a nice reminder that the UK, despite its frequent bad weather, is home to some of Europe’s most iconic sites of natural beauty.

Tents and Camping

These articles are all about tents and camping. From top tips for keeping the children in check during your camping holiday to advice on the most beautiful foreign camp grounds available today, if you struggle to count a holiday as great unless it contains atleast an element of traditional camping then there articles will be right up your street.

How to throw an indoor camping party
This website serves an excellent guidebook for parents in all corners of the world, circulating to an audience of 36 million mothers. It has a wealth of information on parenting and pregnancy. Their goal is to bring the joy of parenting to those who have just entered parenthood and to alleviate the numerous worries which crops up once one becomes a parent.

This innovative article is about transforming your indoor space into one that looks like a striking campsite in the great outdoors. A detailed list takes you through various steps you need to perform to obtain the perfect camping party, this comprises of setting the scene, creating a nature hunt, eating cake and hanging around a log fire. This is a great post for parents looking to entertain children on a rainy Sunday afternoon and it might even inspire you to give camping a go for real in the future.

Camping in India
This site provides the largest repository of maps of India, providing comprehensive maps of its states, cities, districts and towns. Taken under the wing by Yahoo, the website blossomed has been going from strength to strength. This article unearths an extensive number of precious yet popular camping spots in India which are sure to inspire you to visit this exuberant country and see it in a way very few have, from under the cover of canvas.

Camping on an Erupting Volcano in Guatemala
Matthew is an adventure traveller and a photographer who has been documenting his escapades for a number of years. Reassessing his life he decided he need a change and ,after saving diligently, he bought a plane ticket to Guatemala in 2010.

His attitude, like many committed long-term travellers, is to plan as minimally as possible and enjoy what comes his way. This post illustrates how extreme camping is underrated and should be attempted at least once. With a guide named Crazy Charlie, a small group including Matthew began their journey up Volcano Santiaguito. Read his stimulating article for an insight into extreme adventuring. It might even change your perception of what a camping holiday can be.

Go Camping in British Columbia
With a concrete list of credentials, the writer of this blog is an experienced traveller. Having participated in various panels and keynote events, this Nerd knows what she is talking about. Writing travel stories is where her heart lies and she travels as much as she can with her husband.

This post is about camping in British Columbia and is peppered with useful advice as well as intricate details about the areas visited on the trip. The brief route includes a visit to Birkenhead Lake, ideal for hiking and swimming, a visit to Harrison Hot Springs for a slight Bavarian feel and Othello Tunnels which was a path on an old railway bed. While British Comobia might seem like a long way away for someone from the UK to go away camping, the costs saved on accommodation can be reinvested in flights, making adventure holidays like this more affordable than you might at first think.

Top UK Camping Hotpots
Charlene is a British travel blogger, who delights in travelling within the UK. The term staycation has been gaining popularity, as more people realise that it is just as important to explore one’s own country as it is to travel abroad and see the world.

Charlene’s passion for travelling is evident throughout her blog and this article is a must read for anyone living or intending to visit Britain soon. With thousands of picturesque locations it is only fitting that there are thousands of camping locations throughout Britain. The article is succinct and mentions classic spots for camping, as well as being a good source of information on things to do and places to visit nearby each area.

Solo Camping: tent or RV?
This is a project by Janice Waugh which has been updating since 2009. Solo traveller is dedicated to weaveing tales from Janice’s trips “with practical tips to ignite keynote speeches about travelling solo, living a great life single, personal resilience, and finding success as a location-independent entrepreneur.” This is an exceptional website, giving motivation and impetus for all those toying with the idea of travelling solo.

In this post Janice evaluates her experiences of camping in a tent and in a RV. This is an instructive post as it offers an in depth pros and cons analysis of the two forms of accommodation available to campers. She claims it is always a personal preference, but admits that she prefers tent camping as it cheaper much less upkeep is required, essential if you are travelling on your own.

Extreme Winter Camping: Things to Forget About
Wenger is a joint venture which sells travel gear and other products which might be of interest to frequent travellers. It is managed by various writers who care deeply about the environment and each are linked with nature in their own way. Some are mountaineers, some are hikers and others are simply advocates for preservation of the natural world. The common thread between them though is that they are all committed to transcribing stories that will educate and entertain readers.

This article is from The Wenger Blog and looks at the various risks that are unique to extreme winter camping. Written with considerable knowledge, the post talks about the risks involved in winter camping including sicknesses that could occur, the need to adapt and sleep despite the treacherous conditions and the need to incorporate large amounts of fats into your diet. Much like the rest of the content on this site, this is an exciting read.

Travel Free by Camping the World
How To Travel For Free (Or Pretty Damn Near It) is a book by Shelley Seale and Keith Hajovsky, who have used their personal experiences to tell their readers not only how to travel on the cheap, but also how to travel with as much freedom as possible. What sounds like a fabulous and a must read, is also complemented by the blog they run, which has articles, contests and great travel deals.

This particularly blog entry is about forgoing hotels and opting for camping instead. Guest bloggers Toffany and Chris, have learnt the art of camping and give invaluable information about gear, safety issues, food and last but by no means least, the best ways to have fun during a camping tour. These are inspirational characters and their experiences are definitely worth reading.

Top Reasons to Go Camping in the Spring
Roy Scribner is an outdoors enthusiast and now is sharing his love of the natural world with his children. His blog features articles on camping gear, tips, camping with kids and camp cooking.

Roy’s enthusiasm for the outdoors is prevalent in his writings, and this post is no exception. It promotes going camping in the spring and highlights the benefits of choosing this season for your adventures. As flora and fauna awakens after being dormant through winter, the landscape is bursting with life. He also talks of other, more obscure, benefits like the cheaper fees for campsites and the lack of pesky insects. Altogether this a compelling piece, sure to make you think of your first post winter getaway.

Personal Travel Stories

Personal travel stories are the traditional form of travel writing and have been inspiring people to explore their surroundings for hundreds of years. In the late 20th century travel writing was falling out of popularity with publishing houses, but a few years after the internet allowed anyone with a computer to become a travel writer with a global audience and the genre experienced a revival.

Here we have picked some of our favourite camping and caravanning related travel stories. Check them out below and get inspired for your next big trip.

Make Money and Travel
Jason and Nikki have coined a beautiful phrase Sedentary Lifeaphobia and their version of the American Dream trades the standard suburban lifestyle for one that favours exploring the world.

In this practical article they discuss how they travel and simultaneously earn money to fuel their adventures. The topics covered include the jobs they do, the hours they invest, and the advantages and disadvantages of this lifestyle. We suggest spending some quality time on this website as it is informative and inspiring in equal measure.

Around the world in a truck
Zoë Dawes is a lady whose passport has covered substantial ground and her blog is bursting with creativity and experience. The blog features not only her own musings but those of guest bloggers who share similar values to her. Furthermore she offers coaching in writing and blogging, runs workshops and seminars, gives talks about quirky travel writing and delivers seminars on how to become savvy at social media.

This article is about an adventurous lady called Natalie Morawietz, who is a tour leader, mechanic and drives a truck around the world.

Wanderlust and Lipstick
Dare to dance the tide
This is a gem of a website, aiming to encourage women to travel. Its founder, Beth Whitman, has been travelling for over 25 years and sounds like someone we’d definitely like to sit down with to hear her experiences. Armed with a group of “Wanderbloggers”, these articles are written with soul and will no doubt motivate even the most nervous of newbie travellers.

One of the bloggers is Beth Shephard and her article is about continuing to explore life and not being half-heartedly satisfied. As Beth aptly says, now and again we should remember the “delight you can experience when you push your limits, even just a little bit”.

The Camping Cure, Part II: Winter Glamping
Outside Online’s goal is to encourage a us all to participate with the world around us, by covering news on various topics including travelling adventures.

Katie Arnold is a frequent blogger for Outside and writes about fitness, family and holidays. In this article she highlights the necessity of disconnecting every so often and realigning yourself with nature. She’s on a mission to sleep outside at least once a month, and her trip to Colorado’s San Juan Mountains was the start of this.

This trip in particular led her to the realisation that she did not need to travel hundreds of miles to have an off-the-grid family trip as turning off your mobile phone for 48 hours can give you an isolation fix for a greatly reduced cost.

Wild Camping - A Personal Opinion
CheapTents are a specialist camping shop, which provide outdoor products for a wide range of activities. Their experience in the leisure industry makes their blog an essential read for budding campers and veterans alike.

This article in particular is a response piece submitted by Freddy Philips referring to an article CheapTents wrote about wild camping, they assess the pros and cons on this nature of camping after a petition in February 2008 was launched to allow wild camping in England like it has been in Scotland. Freddy details his personal experience with this form of camping in a thorough yet interesting manner. He talks about the equipment he carries on his person, and the correct etiquette needed to respect the land you are living on. This is a constructive article for those looking to delve into a spot of wild camping.

Zen and the art of motorcycle camping
Tentipi are a tent manufacturing company owned by Bengt Grahn, a man with substantial entrepreneur flair who honed his skills making canoes and Nordic tents. This blog features guest bloggers with alternative and extreme adventures.

One such character is Sheila Kiggins who combines biking with camping and speaks of the highs and lows of motor biking as a means to explore the world. She claims “bikes and camping are a perfect match because they are both about freedom and self-reliance.” It takes a certain spirited and daring individual to choose this as their favoured method of travelling, but their experiences have the ability to inspire us all.

Live in a Van, Travel the World, Get Pregnant: The Story of The Trujillo Family
Adventure Parents is more a guide than a blog, a virtual bible for parents who wish to introduce and nurture the love of the outdoors within their children. Mark, Brooke and their daughter Chloe embark on many adventures together and their blog is a way of connecting with the more stationary people in their life.

This article is about families who are not from affluent backgrounds, but instead use hard work, determination and sacrifice to fulfil their wanderlust. It talks of Tree and Stevie Trujillo, who live their lives on the road and despite having different ideas of what they wanted from life, on the road they have carved one together. A heart-warming tale to inspire those who flirt with the idea of travelling the world and having a family, but doubt that they can have both.

Camping at Masada, Israel
Adam is a poster boy for leaving a somewhat comfortable and linear life and deciding to follow the path of adventure instead. He quit his lucrative job as a book designer in 2010 and left Boston for a round-the-world-trip.

This article demonstrates the joys of impromptu plans and how Adam was recommended a visit to Masada, where he camped on the roadside in the heart of Israel. His world trip was fascinating to follow and for all those recent graduates who are on the fence about launching into their desired careers or exploring the world first, Adam’s journey will inspire you to follow your heart.

2013 & 2014 Year 4 In Review -> 4,200 Miles Of Western Odyssey
Nina and Paul chose to explore the US, wanting “the freedom of the open road and the passion to see all those places we’d dreamed about for years.” Their blog encompasses articles about RVs and camping, as well as “pet corner,” which features articles about their dog and cats.

This particular article details their adventures in Arizona, Utah, Oregon and the Sierra Nevada Mountains. With stunning pictures they recount the best parts of their travels in 2013, an encounter with a little mouse, and the gorgeous landscapes they ventured through.

Learning From Experience
CampTrip is a website designed to cater for all your camping queries, and boasts that it is “made for campers, by campers”. Kaityln and Jeremy are co-founders of this website and prefer to camp whilst on their travels as they feel it is “the cheapest and most enjoyable way of travelling and meeting interesting people.” This website is bursting with life, with several contributors who write about a selection of subjects, including planning and preparing and tips and advice on the best camping gear.

This article talks of the Kiwi Experience which Kaitlyn went on, a flexible bus tour of New Zealand. She lists a multitude of activities one can indulge in and paints a picture of New Zealand as a hub of extreme sports and natural beauty. She concludes her post by saying “If you are looking to go camping, or travel to one of the most unique countries in the world, New Zealand will not disappoint. Every day I wish I could go back.”


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